logo-axel-oneAxel’One is a Collaborative 
Innovation platform 

Its mission is the pooling of means (building, tools, knowledge) by providing hosting services to collaborative project related to clean process and innovative material developments.

Polymer and interface caracterisation

  • Miniaturisation, manufacturing and caracterisation to speed-up new resin developpements
  • Understanding and controlling of interface phenomena between polymer and reinforcing agent

Instrumented model Processes

  • Simulated and instrumented developpment tools for the formulation of polymer and reinforcing agent associations
  • Study of process/multiscale structure/performance dependences
  • Data acquisition to help extrapolate toward industrial tools

Caractérisation Composites/Simulation

  • Identification on model structure coupons of physical parameters to define new mathematical laws to describe melted and solid state behaviors, for instrumented and simulated processes.
  • Development of advanced numerical calculation methodologies.