Our partners

11 partners are involved in its creation:

  • Three Competitiveness Clusters: Axelera, Plastipolis and Techtera
  • Three technological platforms: Axel’One,  IFTH and PEP
  • Four industrials: Chomarat, Hexcel, Plastic Omnium and Solvay


Clusters competitivity co- Founders



Plastipolis : the plastics cluster in France

Plastipolis, represents than 300 members (industrial, R&D centers, training centers).


4 strategic ambitions:


  • Stimulate innovation and the emergence of new R & D projects
  •  Anchor training and management skills in the segment’s business
  • Develop cooperation
  • Strengthen the communication component

12 ongoing R&D projects on composites for a total budget of 30M€.


Techtera : the textile and soft materials cluster in the Rhône-Alpes regionLogo Techtera

Techtera has 110 members (industrial, R&D laboratories, technical centers, universities).

3 strategic ambitions :

  • Master of the upstream industry: innovating on raw materials and fibers
  • Strengthen the multifunctionality of textiles and develop new features
  • Innovate on flexible materials and composites components

8 ongoing R&D projects on composites for a total budget of 26.8 M€.


Axelera : the competitiveness cluster with a worldwide vocation for environment and chemistry in Lyon and Rhône-AlpesLogo Axelera


Axelera brings together 242 members (companies, research institutions, training centers, in order to develop synergies and cooperative efforts.

5 strategic themes addressing 7 ecosystems:

  • Environmental chemistry at the service of application markets : transportation , building, carbon-free energy
  • The preservation of natural areas : water, air, soil, agro
  • Recycling and recyclability of materials , waste
  • The plant-based and biobased chemicals
  • The factory of the future and eco-designed processes

3 R&D projects underway on composites for the automotive and aerospace in the ecosystem transport.


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